Eric Paul Levy

What a journey life is.

Eric has been a musician most of his life. He started playing the guitar at 11, and by 15 he was in his first rock band, Vital Signs. Over the next 20 years, along with graduating from Drexel University with a B.A. in Music in 1991, Eric played guitar in a handful of great yet unknown original bands, most notably Resin, Juliet’s Wishing Well and the legendary blues band, Dr. Harmonica and Rockett 88.

In pursuit to be a Rock and Roll star from such an early age, Eric mistakenly thought it was necessary to party like one, and that he did. Sometime around ‘93 or ‘94, Eric’s cousin saw his weak, strung out condition at a family gathering and she recommended a friend, an herbalist and Medicine Woman, who put him on his very first “cleanse”. This 10-day adventure changed Eric’s life forever! She also recommended a book called the Way of Herbs, by Michael Tierra, which began Eric’s studies in nutrition and healthy living. This new discovery of health and nutrition was life-changing. Since then, Eric has followed a holistic approach to life and has helped others do the same through nutrition and, of course, sound and music.

This opening of consciousness then opened other doors of yoga, meditation and sound healing. In 2013, Eric finally became a Certified Sound Healer through Jonathan Goldman’s Healing Sounds Course. In 2014, Eric enrolled in the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and became a Certified Health Coach. Then, In 2015 and 2016 he got certified in Reiki Levels I and II. In 2021, after 15 plus years of practicing yoga, he completed a 200 hour yoga teacher training with Francois Raoult and Open Sky Yoga.

In 2010, Eric released his first solo CD, “All Over the Place” and in April of that year, embarked on a six-month, cross country tour to support it. Following his tour, Eric embraced a nomadic musical lifestyle, serenading audiences as he traversed the country, alternating between summers in New Mexico/Colorado and warm winters in Florida.

In 2013, after a long summer of gigs and many shows in a row, Eric took a little break and did a 3-day silent meditation. During that time, the inspiration came to create a unique sound healing CD, using only natural and organic instruments, bridging the two worlds of secular and sacred music. In May of 2015, he joyfully released the double Sound Healing CD, “Good as Gold”. Since then, Eric has continued to play rock music in various venues, but is now devoting most of his time and energy into using sound and music for therapeutic and transformative purposes.

From this, Eric has created a unique and interactive music experience called the Great Song, which is a culmination of his musical background, holistic practices, and deep understanding of the transformative power of sound. The Great Song is not just a performance or a workshop; it is an immersive journey that combines music, healing vibrations, and participatory elements to create a truly unforgettable experience. He also holds workshops, sound baths, and Nada Yoga (the yoga of sound) classes as well as private and small group sessions.

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