Eric Paul Levy

The Great Song

After many years in the performing and healing arts, I am incredibly grateful and excited to offer a new, interactive and transformative sound and music experience, The Great Song.

Discover the essence of The Great Song – a reflection of life itself. Life can be likened to a melodious composition, an unending symphony composed of countless notes and melodies contributed by all species and beings on mother earth. Just like a vast symphony, we all play our part, contributing our distinct tones and timbres that form our individual frequencies. This personal resonance is what we refer to as our "home note." Immerse yourself in the harmonious exploration of The Great Song and embrace the profound interconnectedness of existence.

A truly exceptional song encompasses more than just a pleasing tone; it also possesses a gentle and effortless rhythm. It seamlessly weaves in and out, flowing through you without drawing attention. Such a song has the power to stir and inspire when motivation is required, while also offering solace and tranquility for moments of relaxation. Allow yourself to be moved by the captivating allure of a great song, effortlessly uplifting and soothing as you need it to be.

In this 2-3 hour interactive workshop, we will dive deep into the breath, sound, music and mantra. I have put together a lot of fun experiences for us to share together, from sounding out how we feel, to discovering our collective frequency and rhythm.

We will begin with a simple breathwork exercise, followed by a discussion on sound and its relation to life. We will then explore rhythm and have a hands-on drum circle experience where we will come together and create our group's mantra. Lastly, we will put it all together and write a final song that we will perform as a group.

Our vision for The Great Song is to offer different experiences to individuals and communities, using sound, rhythm, and music in a fun, interactive, and therapeutic way. At the core of our mission lies the intention to foster greater harmony, both on an individual level and within communities, by embracing the profound interplay of music. By recognizing the interconnectedness that music brings, we strive to contribute to the improvement of humanity and our planet as a whole. Through the transformative power of music, we aim to create a world where individuals and communities thrive in harmony, embracing the shared journey towards a brighter future.

A great song will have words that are meaningful, heartfelt and clear. What is the point of a song, or life if there is no meaning.

Join us in experiencing The Great Song, and let's create a harmonious community together. Bring your drum, percussion or instrument of choice with you.

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